We’ve built a platform for enhanced levels of privacy.

Kryptonium is a cryptocurrency based on Cryptonote, it has a secure blockchain which will enable enhanced levels of privacy through features such as Ring CTs, I2P, Ghost and will facilitate the introduction of Zero Knowledge smart contracts.

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Our Solution

Our solution is to introduce Kryptonium, where the control is in the hands of the people. The general public has the opportunity to gain control of their own freedom and security.

Kryptonium it built with the people’s security in mind. Our goal is to provide the enhanced levels of security we have sought after for many years allowing us peace of mind when it comes to the privacy of our assets and our children’s futures. We built Kryptonium with several layers of cryptographically proven privacy features which allow for enhanced levels of anonymity. What Kryptonium represents is the opportunity for early adopters to become part of a unique, exciting and industry disrupting technology built not just for the speculators or technologically advanced but for the masses. Kryptonium offers ease-of-use to all.  

Stealth Smart Contracts & Our AppGhost

Using Ghost, IP Obscurity through I2P and other stealthy features. We believe Kryptonium to be the future of enhanced security and privacy with the idea that Kryptonium is the currency of the people, for the people by the people.


Zero Knowledge proofs improve authentication systems, eliminate escrow services and add privacy to blockchain applications. This, combined with smart contracts will make Kryptonium the preferred choice of cryptocurrency transactions.

    • Anonymous Blockchain Network
    • Stealth Smart Contracts
    • Zero Knowledge Proofs
    • Atomic Swaps
    • Mobile Mining
    • Fully Encrypted P2P Chat

Our RoadmapRoadMap

November 2017

The idea for Kryptonium was formulated

November 2017

Development of the Kryptonium blockchain begins

March 2018

Kryptonium Blockchain is fully developed

April 2018

Pre Sale for Kryptonium is Launched
Paper Wallets Release

April 2018

Main Crowdsale for Kryptonium begins

June 2018

Crowd Sale Ends. Kryptonium is distributed to all participants. Pools are released

Summer 2018

GUI Wallets: Windows, Mac, Linux

Q4 2018

IOS Wallet, Android Wallet, & P2P Chat

Q1 2019

Smart Contract Platform

Q2 2019

Vanta Debit Card

Q3 2019

Atomic Swaps


The Kryptonium Team combines a passion for privacy, smart contracts. stealth, marketing, management, and dedication to community.

Ronan McFeely
CEO & Co Founder
Abdul Mukati
COO & Co Founder
Hamza Chhipa
Project Manager Lead
Lead Developer
Hitesh khairwal
Lead Designer
Jim Wickstead
Joseph Haigh
Content Coordinator
Social Media Manager


Simon Cocking
#1 rated ICO Advisor on ICO bench
Simon Telfer
Business Development and Innovation Advisor Mr Telfer’s other projects include HTMLcoin, POMA, Universa & IOB fund.
Ashley Richardson
Legal Advisor - Ms. Richardson’s other projects include IOB fund.
Cave Spectre
Technical Advisor - brings over 25 years of Software Development experience

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